The Vineyards

Our Vineyards

Since century's our family concentrates to cultivate only the best vineyards in the region: perfect exposed steep vineyards with deeply entrenched slate soil and ideal water supply.

This is the basic for our wines with a mellowed and complex fruit aromatic in conjunction with a striking minerality and elegant acidity.





The grey Devonian slate of the Goldtröpfchen is very soft and clayey. Because of the high mountainside many layers of fine slate soil have been building up through erosion. The woods above the vineyards and this very soil are contributing to the water supply of these vineyards, an advantage in very hot and dry summers. Through the mixture of the soil and the good water supply the vines don't have to root deep and already young vines can produce wines with character.

Wines from the Goldtröpfchen have a compact structure and develop slowly. They belong to the longest living wines of the Mosel region. This robust character has surely contributed to the international success of the Goldtröpfchen Riesling. The fruit aromas of these wines are reaching from peach over black currant to tropical fruits and their opulence is best described as "baroque".



The Grafenberg is located right next to the edge of the Goldtröpfchen. Here the slope drifts to southeast and shapes the landscape with its huge rock projections.

Ferruginous redslate with quartz defines the ground here. All Rieslings from Grafenberg have a clear structure with their own opulence and juiciness.

Here we harvest sinewy Kabinetts and Spätlesen.




This vineyard which size is only 0,1 Hektar is entirely owned by our winery.

It has got its name from an ancestor who donated the "Kreuzwegstation" in 1667. Located on a steep dome which is faced south the soil found here is marked by especially clayey slate.

The grapes we harvest here are embossed with a striking flavor and are used for dry and semi-dry wines only.



Due to several sidevalley-influences the climate in this terrior is slightly rougher. The vineyard which faces southwest stands out by its consistently extremely steep hillside.

The quartzite and the hard blue-grey slate on this very stony ground generates a very own character of the wines. Here we can always harvest perfectly ripe and healthy grapes due to the windy location which guarantees fast drying after heavy rain.

Wines from Ohligsberg are of brilliant, very straight forward and savory sort. Already in the 19th century wines from this vineyard scored best prices at high-quality wine auctions.